Solve your team's time, billing, and payroll headaches.

TimeSnap Features

Easy Time tracking

Bring relief to your team

Lets be honest. Staff members generallly do not like entering time. However - your business runs on the cycle of billing clients, and paying staff. TimeSnap helps tie together client billing and staff payroll - encouraging your staff to use TimeSnap's easy time entry features.


Time entry is done from an intuitive calendar interface. You are never lost and you always see the context of what you have already entered for that day, week, month. 

Entering Time is a Snap
1. Pick from a list of your assignments.
2. Enter the hours.
3. Type a note if needed.


Time Entry Preferences allow you to specify a default assignment, as well as typical values for each of your assignments, such as hours and note text.  You can even keep a list of note texts to automatically cycle through so you can avoid typing as you enter time.

Your ability to mark your preference settings as shortcuts means you can turbo charge time entries and enter multiple time entries with only a few clicks. 


Some time tracking tools think they should be your project tracking tool too. We think that is silly and we know you already have an awesome project or task tracking tool such as Trello, BaseCamp, or Jira. We want TimeSnap to help you even more by pulling in information from your favorite work tracking tool and giving you different options to summarize the information with as much or as little detail as you need.  Using this feature you'll be able to pull in a weeks worth of accurate time entries in a Snap!  Although this feature is not available yet - we are hard at work building the integrations that will make it work, starting with Trello. Stay tuned!


Time Entry

Review and adjustments

Make sure its right

Its 9 PM on a Friday night and your team has all gone home. Apparently they they have "lives." But you are still at the office trying to get the billing done. You review the time sheets and notice several issues that need to be corrected - time logged in the wrong project, time entered on the wrong date, and Dylan, your newbie logged 3 hours for generating a sitemap.xml file!  You don't have time to send these back to the staff for corrections - the billing must go out!

In TimeSnap you can easily fix these items right on the spot using our review feature. Move time from one project to another, change entry dates, clean up entry notes. You can even override Dylan's billable time to a half hour instead of 3 hours for that sitemap file.  You don't want your client having to pay for Dylan's training after all.

Review Filters and Overview

Choose how you want to see time entries for review - including filters for Date Range Client, Project, Task and Staff. 
You are given a summary of total hours, total billable hours, total payable hours, billable amount and your margin.
You can also export this information to PDF or Excel.

Quick Adjustments for Time

While reviewing time entries you can easily adjust the time entered very quickly by simply clicking the links to add or take away time, or to round to 15 minute increments.  You can also fully edit any aspect of a time entry by using the Edit link.

Override Billable Hours

Sometimes one of your team will take much longer to perform a task than you are comfortable billing your client.  Maybe your estimation was incorrect, or the team member struggled with the task. How you handle this is up to you but sometimes you want to not charge the client more than expected. TimeSnap lets you override the billable hours value for a particular time entry and still pay your team member the hours entered.


Generate revenue

A major reason for time tracking is to create bills for clients with actual time and details. But many time tracking tools take this too far and think they should create invoices inside the time tracking tool, and this causes issues. How do you handle credits? What about down payments on projects before you've started the work? And what about partial payments? And Refunds? The list goes on.

At TimeSnap we think time tracking and accounting are separate concerns that should work together. We think your invoices belong in your accounting system - where you can properly handle all invoicing related events. TimeSnap offers a number of features to aid in creating invoices in your accounting system. We are also working on integrations to make this process completely pain free.

Current Client Billing Aids
● Billing Codes - each entry has a billing code you can tie to service items in your accounting package

● Billing Summary Report - a high level view, by billing code, providing billed hours and amounts with totals
● Billing Detail Report Report - provides staff member, assignment, notes, hours and billing amounts
● Time Exports - Excel and PDF

Integration Roadmap for Billing
We are working on integrations to create invoices automatically upon demand in the following accounting packages:
● QuickBooks Online
● Xero Accounting
● Kashoo.

If you'd like to be notified when we release an accounting package integration - contact us


Pay the Team

Paying your team on time - and accurately - is critical to the long term health of your business. Your information needs are very different if you pay hourly employees or hourly contractors. TimeSnap allows you to cover both needs. No longer will you have to do manual pay amount calculations for different staff with different pay rates per client, project, task or assignment. TimeSnap's Pay Liabilities reporting and export features provide the information you need, when you need it.

TimeSnap's Pay Liabilities Report offers filters by date range, staff type (Contractor, Employee, or both) and a staff filter so you can report for all staff or a particular team member.

The report provides a summary, by staff member, of Payable Hours, Pay Rate, and Amount.

Data can be exported to Excel or PDF.

Pay Liabilities Report


The need to know

TimeSnap provides reports. Real reports. Not just a grid with data dumped in it. When we say real reports we mean proper columnar and tabular data reporting generated with a preview and allowing standard printing or export to PDF and Excel formats.

TimeSnap provides operational, billing support, payables, and (soon) peformance reporting. Reports are flexible and provide the filtering capabilities you would expect for each report such as: Date Range, Client filters, Project filters, Staff filters, Task filters.

Currently TimeSnap provides the following reports:

● TimeSheet reports

● Billing Detail

● Billing Summary

● Pay Liabilities

● Time Review Status 

Coming Soon

● Project Performance Report

● Staff Performance Report

Reporting is a major growth area for our product road map.  If you would like to see us support a particular reporting need - please drop us a line and we'll be happy to consider it.


Ready, set, go...

Implementing a new system for your team can be tough. Sometimes its a real struggle to get something going. Getting started with TimeSnap is - well - a Snap!  We've worked hard to create the features you need to get your team up and running in minutes.

And if you have a particularly dificult set up scenario for some reason and need help - we'll provide that for free. Just drop us a line and we'll be glad to help.

Here are some of the features we have built to make your getting started experience super easy:

● Welcome Wizard helping you enter your basic info

● Easily add your users and optionally send them invites

● Quickly add Clients, Project, Tasks, and Assignments

● Import your existing data from Excel

● User types control permissions - Admin, PM and User

● All users can edit their own profile and preferences

Take TimeSnap for a spin. No Credit Card Required.